Housing Prices Prompt Canadian Homeowners to Renovate Instead of Buying a New Home

A poll released by CIBC reveals that Canadian homeowners are renovating their properties to stave off buying new homes. Almost 50 per cent of Canadians are planning to repair or improve their home this year, up from 37 per cent in 2016. Of those choosing to renovate, over half are doing so to avoid jumping into Canada’s tumultuous housing market. “One of the interesting things that was found in the CIBC poll is that particularly in the GTA, some of the Canadians who really felt that they wanted to choose to stay in their home wanted to renovate as opposed to jumping into the housing market. More than…

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10 Things to Do Before the Renovation Begins

An article by: Laura Gaskill With workers traipsing in and out of your living space, dust and dirt everywhere, and entire areas of your home unusable for the duration, home remodeling projects can be extremely disruptive to daily life. But a little smart planning ahead of time can make things run more smoothly. Here are 10 items to tick off your list before the chaos begins, for a safer and (slightly) less intrusive renovation. 1. Pare down and pack up. Go through the room(s) that will be part of the remodel and pare back to the essentials. When you must…

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