Garden Avenue Project

Garden Avenue Project

This truly unique +100 year old three-storey stucco house which is located in a 17.5’ x 120’ property in downtown Toronto, is embraced by our hardworking team and our innovative designers who are committed to regenerate the neighbourhood into a fresh and modern in design.

Basically our team had to rebuild the entire thing including but not limited to demolition, excavation, underpinning, roofing, framing/carpentry, plumbing, HVAC, electrical contracting, insulation, tile setting, flooring, adding a separate entrance to the basement, new elegant bathrooms, new doors, windows, paint, trim, landscaping, new designer custom closets, and a stylistic kitchen cabinets with beautiful granite countertop.

The use of glass is kept throughout the project as seen in the various interior ares. This simple yet significant maneuver integrated with the skylights, large patio door and windows allows for maximum amount of natural light to flow through all rooms while bringing warmth and texture to the space.

All three stories represent our love for modern, present-day, urban living, and many aspects of it are now very different from its hundred-year-old neighbouring ones, but great care was taken to produce harmony with them.


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